Holiday Traditions

 I apologize for taking a few days off. To be completely honest, I have officially reached my maximum allowed photos on blogger before I have to start paying per month! Yikes, whats a girl to do? If anyone has tips on how to get around this, please feel free to let me know… I’m in desperate need to post my Thanksgiving photos before Christmas rolls around. 
Speaking of Christmas…
What I love most about the Holidays are traditions. Taking the time to plan trips to visit the people you love most and share familiar memories year after year. We are off to San Diego and Brawley, CA for Christmas this year to spend the holiday with my husband’s family. They have a tradition of an annual family dinner called Drummer Boy. Significant others are not allowed to attend the dinner unless they are engaged,  which keeps it really intimate and special. The night is surrounded by prayer, great food, family, nativity sets, and red foxes. Remembering their grandfather, pop pop; who I unfortunately never had the pleasure to meet. In recent years, the gentlemen have dressed up in theme for the festive spaghetti dinner. 
Most families have the same tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. I always loved this night but in return always made me a little sad to think that I had one less present to open in the morning. ;) What I remember most about Christmas morning is my brother waking us up at the crack of dawn with such excitement to get down to what he really thought the holiday was all about… presents. Robert, did not mess around. You can guarantee he secretively went downstairs at 2am to not only count his presents to make sure he had more, but he placed them all firmly in one pile so he was fully prepared to unwrap in the morning. I also remember sitting on the stairs with my brother and sister, becoming more and more anxious while my dad videotaped and took his time to allow us to come downstairs to check out the gifts.
Another family tradition that I am one day excited to do with my own family is hiding the green pickle. The ornament is carefully hidden in the tree on Christmas eve and once all the gifts are unwrapped the next morning, all the kids jump up to search. Whoever finds the pickle will receive one extra gift. I always loved this.. probably because I often won :)

There are so many fun family traditions to create during the holidays. The Elf of the Shelf is a special doll that helps keep children from misbehaving by telling Santa who is put on the "naughty or nice" list. Adorable and brilliant!
What have I missed? 
What is your family tradition?



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  1. Dallas Nettleton December 12, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    On Christmas Eve, (if we were good that day) we would get to open one gift. The family would get together and have a HUGE dinner. Lots of laughs, happiness, and love! :)


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